SSRS portal viewer

hi guys, i'm wondering if there is thought / view on allowing access to an embedded SSRS web portal rather than a specific report viewer.

the reason i ask this is that if i have SSRS established on an azure VM for example and it's providing secure (username / password) access to the SSRS web portal.

is there a way (outside of an iframe) to embed the portal and provide username / password to it?

from there i'm happy to manage reports, user and access to SSRS as required. but the real hurdle is that i want to provide access to an embedded SSRS web portal rather than a specific report.

any thoughts?

Hi @TMRGlobal,

We aren't experts in SSRS so I can't answer your question. Probably this forum isn't the best place to search for SSRS related answers.

thanks @korchev , i was asking as Radzen has a SSRS report viewer component, what would be awesome is a SSRS portal viewer component too.

This kind of a thing;

but routing and displaying the SSRS portal, allowing the user to then use an authetnicated SSRS portal experience

The question you have linked doesn't have an answer... Not sure how it is related.

To answer your question/request - we do not plan to add a portal viewer. The report viewer component is mostly an iframe.

okay so best bet is to embed a SSRS portal within an iFRAME and find some way to elegently either.....

  1. allow users to manually enter credentials for login (poor user experience)
  2. enable automated login and retreive credentials from appsettings or database (great user experience)

while option 1 is doable, i'd love to allow access to SSRS portal and automatically provision the username / password login for the authenticated user

Let us know if you find a solution for that!