SQL time column, TimeSpan entity property

Hello, my objective here is to describe the problem I had and how I resolved it. I hope this could help someone facing the same issue.
I have a SQL table with a column having time(0), which really represents a time in the format: "HH:mm:ss". This column gets translated into a TimeSpan property for the specific entity when the code is generated.
Everything is fine until the moment I attempt to get or update the entity when running my web app, and the issue is that the server is serializing the property using the ISO8601 Standard, instead of the TimeOfDay format.
After several hours of research, the solution I had (and it worked) was implementing the "OnConfigureOData" partial method in the server Startup class, and adding the following code to customize my entity:

builder.EntityType<MyEntity>().Property(e => e.MyTimeSpanProperty).AsTimeOfDay();

This simple step resolved my issue completely.

Thank you!