Sql Server procedure params with sequence problem (on Mac)

Radzen has generate the code of my procedures with erroneous sequences, raising erros on execute. See the image below:

The correct order is:

Radzen try execute the incorret order, in this sequence:

EXEC @returnVal=[dbo].[ConcluirCadastroUsuario] @CNPJ, @CPF, @Nome, @Razao, @Tags, @Tipo, @User_Id, @Mensagem out, @Ok out

Make sure you have the latest version. If you have Radzen subscription you can zip your app meta folder and your stored procedure definition and send it to us at info@radzen.com.

My version is 15.1.4

I tested in Microsft Windows and has same problem :frowning:

The version beffore don't have this problem

PS: I receive now the latest update, 2.51.5, and the problem persists

PS: I did some more tests here, I found that this only occurs with Sql Server 2012. If I use a Sql Azure base, everything works ...