SQL Server data connection - failed to connect named instance

I've just installed Razden 1.15 for the first time and am trying to connect a SQL Server datasource. I have verified the connection information. The message I receive is below. Looking at the message I do not see the named instance of the sql server that I have entered in the connection information in the format: server\instance. I only see the server name in the error message.

Can Radzen connect to a named instance of SQL Server?



Hi Mark,

To connect to a named instance you should set Server as <server-name>\<instance name> e.g. localhost\SQLEXPRESS. There are a few other prerequisites:

  • Your SQL server should be running on TCP/IP. If the port it is running on is different from the default 1433 you should specify it in the Server field e.g. localhsot\SQLEXPRESS,8999.
  • SQL Server browser service should be enabled.
  • SQL Authentication should be enabled. Radzen doesn’t currently support Windows authentication.

Let me know how it goes,

After starting the SQL Browser service it connected fine.

Thanks for your help!

I faced the same issue and not able to connect to just only restarting SQL Server Browser service. I restarted the Sql Server (Express), then it is working fine.