Since today's upgrade


I was working on a project this morning. Since I upgraded after lunch, I cannot edit the fields contained in a Form located in a generated Add myTable page.

Thank you


Hi @FredK_Trashmail,

Just tried this and everything works normally on my end:

I have just recorded the behaviour, in comparaison to a Blazor similar action which works just fine.

  • It happened right after the upgrade
  • if I make a new project in Angular, still the same.

The link to the video is here: (WeTransfer).

Let me know what you think



In Blazor there is no Form component - just TemplateForm with all components directly accessible. If you want to have the same in Angular you should convert the Form to TemplateForm. This is not changed since the beginning.

Hmmmm, so it could be that I forgot to click on Template Form for Edit and Add Pages ? Probably my bad

Let me check.

Thank you