Set default sort order on a column

I always load my data sorted.
How can I set the sort order on a column in the DataGrid.

I am using the LoadData event, but when I load the data for the first time in OnInitializedAsync
I need to indicate on the column header that the data are sorted on Firstname

I know, this is an old post, but I am new to Radzen and this was one of my first things I looked up. So for further reference and with the intention to get feedback if I do it wrong (and/or learn about the correct naming), I add what my thoughts:
If you have a "LoadData" context to the right, when your DataGrid is selected you could probably follow this:
Master Detail Hierarchy - How to set default sort - Radzen
For my case, my DataGrid hat an empty "LoadData" section, but when clicking on an empty place on the page, I got to the "page load" context

And there I could add a new parameter

This was the first thing I was trying to figure out as well, couldn't find anything in the documentation and I am not a front end developer so didn't have a clue.
Thanks for posting @rene.

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