Set aria-label or aria-labelledby or id or other attributes for radiobutton etc

I have pairs of Yes/No radiobuttons which radzen gives an aria-label of e.g. "Yes True". Whilst that is a nice start it doesn't tell, for instance, what the user is saying yes to. I want to add either aria-label, or aria-labelledby, to the input control, or else add an id to the input control so I can use label for="..."

All the attributes I set on the RadzenRadioButtonListItem get applied to the div containing the input control. How can I aria-label the input control?

<label for="accept-part-1-yes">I wish to accept part 1</label>
<RadzenRadioButtonList @bind-Value="@hasAccepted" TValue="bool?">
        <RadzenRadioButtonListItem Text="Yes" Value="true" TValue="bool?" id="accept-part-1-yes"/>
        <RadzenRadioButtonListItem Text="No" Value="false" TValue="bool?"/>

Will be available in our next update before the end of the week:

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