Security using AzureAD (Entra) with Application People table

I've set up Security using Azure AD and successfully connected to a registration. In my application I have a Person model that I have used to connect a person to various other tables/models within the whole application, but I was wondering if there was a way to connect the Azure AD user to the relevant person in the Person model. One of the fields in the Person model is the email address and I'm looking for a way to match this with the UserPrincipalName in AzureAD, so that when a user logs in, they can access personalised pages.

I'm open to other suggestions, if there is a better way of achieving personalised pages for the user. I must, however, use AzureAD (Entra) for the authentication into the application.

Hi @RossK,

Having a Person model which is matched against the user name seems correct. It should be available via Security.User.Name where Security is the property of type SecurityService injected in every page.