Screen configuration


Suggestion to this selection of buttons

I would like to add following

  • See what resolution is selected.
  • Add custom resolution.
  • Maybe add common devices like iPhone 8, iPhone 10/11/12 and Samsung S21 etc.

Also a question.
What does the last button do? What i can see it sets the width of the page to the width of the Radzen window, so if i develop on a ultrawide screen, the page i develop is going to be in ultrawide?

Thanks in advanced

Hi @Gottegubben,

We will display the selected resolution in one of the next releases. Adding custom resolutions and common devices won't be possible soon though. We will consider it for Radzen 3.0.

Those resolutions are the Bootstrap breakpoints - xs, sm, md, lg, xl. The last button simply does not set any width to the viewport.

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