Scheduler YearPlanner - Not solar year

Good morning everyone and thank you for welcoming me into the community.
I would need to see the scheduler's yearplanner, not from January to December, but from July to June.
It's possible?

Hi @valeriano,

This isn't supported. This view always shows a full year.

Hi @korchev

When I first saw this request, I was of the same thought. But I've just read it again and realised that it IS for a full year, just with a different starting month.

This is extremely valid (academic year, financial year, sporting season e.t.c.) and not something I'd thought of when I first put it together. Should just be a new PlannerMonthStart property and some math adjustments to take it into account. I'll take a look over the next couple of days and get a PR over to you.



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Thanks everyone for your attention.
I'm waiting for news

Thank you very much for the excellent work.
It works perfectly.
You really are a great team

Hi Paul,

I'm interested in implementing a July - June year view as well. Can you please assist?



Hi @christopher

Please check out Radzen Scheduler demo.

Look at the second example on the page and note the Schedule Start Month (the SelectBar). The code will show you how to apply it to your Scheduler, i.e.

<RadzenYearPlannerView StartMonth="@startMonth" />



Excellent, that was easy!

One question (and possibly a bug): Is it possible to select the beginning year after setting this property? In the example, selecting any month January - April currently selects 2024 - 2025, August - December yields 2023 - 2024, and May - July will randomly select either 2023 - 2024 or 2024 - 2025. I am getting the same issue with my implementation.

Thanks again!

Hi @christopher

The default year and display are set like this -

  1. If January, it will be the current year, i.e. 2024

  2. If it's a month before or equal to the current month, it will be current year to current year+1, i.e. 2024-2025

  3. If it's a month after the current month, it will be current year-1 to current year, i.e. 2023-2024

The demo on the page has a slight anomaly. It's not refreshing the view automatically, so it does "appear" to be a bug. For now, on the demo, double-click the start month button and that will show how the year is set.
In your own implementation, run await scheduler.Reload(); when you have changed the StartMonth.