Scheduler Week View Time Slots Render Issue


I'm using scheduler, and noticed that, on the week view, when I create time slots that don't have 30 minutes or 1 hour, the appointments in scheduler don't get rendered correctly.

I'm using your demo to exemplify what I need to create, that are 45 min time slots:

The appointments should occupie the full lenght of the time slot.
Would this be something you could fix?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jess.neves71,

I don't understand your question. You speak of 45 minut slots however you show us 45 minute long events that seem to me to be rendered as expected. Can you clarify?


Maybe in this print it shows better what I mean:

All the appointments have 45 minutes each.

Why some of them get rendered correctly, one under the other and starting at the same point vertically, and some of them don't?

It gives the idea that some of the appointments are shorter than others, and it's not true.

Thanks in advance!

We are working with @Paul_Ruston on a PR that should address this problem soon.

Thank you! I am looking forward to it.