Scheduler - MoreSelect - how to?

I'm new to scheduler, like it! The more select option,let's say i have only 3 visible appointments out of 10, how do I show those other 7?

It looks like i have to implement something on the MoreSelect event callback. If that's the case, i was not able to find an example. If that's not the case, how do i show those other appointments that are not visible?

Hi @thepear,

The other appointments are shown by default. Check the online demo.

Thanks for the reply! I can't get my screen sized enough to test that, and when i try to edit max appointments per slow, and run, i get an error. I wonder, are there any other events triggered in that source code showing the day's events, or some flag that lets it work?

FWIW - i am on 4.10.3. A few weeks ago the more select code might have been changed. Is the website on the most current version, or whatever you were testing on?

It looks like the overall culprit is that i need to add RadzenDialog to my main layout page. I am not using this yet, and thought it was only when you needed the dialog. I was not aware the scheduler had a dependency on this, it's not clear in this document. What did i miss here?