Save on add page without closing

In the form on an add page, the Submit code updates the table with Close dialog with result{table}. How can I update the table without closing the dialog?

Hi @daveg1466,

The default submit handle first invokes the createXXX data source method and then closes the dialog. To not close it simply delete the close dialog action.

I tried that first and the form just stops working. I can't do anything to it, including manually closing by using "Cancel" or "X" in upper right hand corner...and also does not save to the table.

This is strange. I just tested that and it seems to work just fine. After all closing the dialog is invoked after saving

Check Radzen's output pane for any exceptions.

Ok, will try a new crud...

Not sure what stopped the form, but I deleted it and started from scratch and it worked fine.

Thank You for your help!