Runtime error while calling get method


Getting run time error while making a call to a table due to which I am not able to display data in grid.

Below is the error message.

The InversePropertyAttribute on property 'QcEgmsLoyaltyForPurchaseMaps' on type 'QcEgmsUser' is not valid. The property 'QcEgmsUser' is not a valid navigation property on the related type 'QcEgmsLoyaltyForPurchaseMap'. Ensure that the property exists and is a valid reference or collection navigation property.

The issue also prevents me from creating or displaying data for any screen with many foreign key dependencies.

Can you please provide some help?


Hi Anjul,

Please send us your database schema as SQL create script if possible at and we will do our best to check what's going on.

Best Regards,