REST SAP Business One

Hi, I need to add a data source to SAP Business One with Rest, which needs login details in a JSON in the body.
How can I add this?

"UserName": "...",
"Password": "...",
"CompanyDB": "..."

From the documentation:

Log in Service Layer with the specified credentials. Generally it is the first step to using the Service Layer API. Calling the Service Layer API without a login will result in failure. After logging in successfully, one session ID will be returned in HTTP response body. At the same time, two HTTP cookie items named "B1SESSION" and "ROUTEID" will be set. You do not need to relate to them if calling the Service Layer API in a browser because the browser will send them to Service Layer automatically in subsequent HTTP requests. You do need to add them to your HTTP header in a subsequent Service Layer API call. Otherwise, Service Layer will consider them as a bad request without a login.

Hi @johanboerema,

You can create a new Schema that contains the login properties (and any additional you may need to send your request). Then use that property as a single parameter of your REST method with In set to "body". Check this article for tips how to use the REST data source: Consume REST service (Blazor)