RequiredValidator on mobile

Hello community,

I wanted to ask if anyone has had issues with the RequiredValidator working on the mobile platform. I have created my first application with Radzen and am now trying to test it on mobile before releasing. The code i have written is functional on the web browser but is not working on mobile.

Here is a snip of what i have and how i have implemented it

RadzenAutoComplete Style="/*" Name="Employee" Data="@employees" FilterCaseSensitivity=Radzen.FilterCaseSensitivity.CaseInsensitive TextProperty="Fullname" Change="@(args => EmployeeChange(args))" />

Any help would be great as to why this wouldn't be functional on mobile

Hi @alien8tr96,

Our online demo seems to work fine on a mobile device. Not sure why it doesn't work at your side.

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I found what i was doing wrong with the validator and once i fixed that code it worked great!