Reporting Service Error - SSRS

I have one application that works an another that does not. When I debug this is the error that I get.

  • Andipakt.Controllers.ReportController.ForwardRequest(HttpClient httpClient, HttpRequest currentReqest, string url) in ReportController.cs

  1. return await httpClient.SendAsync(proxyRequestMessage);
  • Andipakt.Controllers.ReportController.Get(string url) in ReportController.cs

  1. var responseMessage = await ForwardRequest(httpClient, Request, url);

Hi @joshwilliam,

Such error was never reported before. I've found this:

Are both apps on same machine requesting same SSRS?

Yes. They are both on the same instance of SQL and same instance of SSRS. They are also on the same web server and web site (Default Web Site\app1 versus Default Web Site\App2)


Any different parameter of authentication used in the non working app?

No. same credentials

The same issue is reported here:

It seems that NTLM v2 security is causing such problems: