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Hello All
I am sure that this is down to me editing something that I shouldnt have but i am trying to get rid of the arrow on the LHS of the datagrid (See screenshot below). I havent grouped the grid in any way and as you can also see from the shot below, i havent asked for it to be grouped or expanded in any way. I have looked at the "Removing flex alignment on an element" question and cannot see any "flex" in the json code.

What am i missing?

Hi Otis,

You have defined Template for the DataGrid component. If you delete it the expand icon will be removed:

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Thank you, that has worked; however, how did I get that arrow on the side and how would I have removed it if I had designed it into the datagrid? I didn’t see any way of doing it and I am 99.9999% sure that even if I did select that option to edit the template on the datagrid that I didn’t select the expand or do any other customising….mainly because it didn’t seem clear on how to do it.

This arrow appears when the Template property of the DataGrid component is set. It is used to toggle the display of the details section - some customizable extra info about the current record.

Thanks for the info. So if you enable the template property of a datagrid you will always get that arrow and expand?

Yes. Not to be mistaken with the Template property of a DataGrid column - that is a different thing.