Related data not show in DropDowDataGrid

The related record (Geracao) appears only after I paginate the DropDowDataGrid

See the video:

Hi marden,

This is caused since not all records are loaded (only the first page) initially. The text property will be populated once the related record is retrieved from the server. You can avoid this if you remove the $top parameter from the lookup query, for example:

We will do our best to find a way to fix this soon!

Best Regards,

Hi @enchev

I'll wait for the fix, I have tables with more than 50,000 records and I can not load them all at once.

Thank you.

Hi @marden,

We've just released Radzen 2.8.7. When you auto-generate or create with wizard pages now Radzen will add additional Invoke to retrieve the select object on initial load.

Best Regards,

Hi @enchev thanks for the fix :slight_smile: