Regeneration incrementally is possible?

My database is in progress design, so in first time i have 4 tables, and next iteration i have 12 tables and so on.

Using Radzen in each iteraction descripted above, I have a problem with inference and regeneration process from database. The changes progresives (like migrations with EF), new tables, new field, new relations. Are not handling correctly, only support entire generation once.

In each iteraction, I do changes in the gui generated.

What is best practice in the order to build incremental my app with Radzen?

If your database schema is not final you can continuously regenerate the app pages with checked Overwrite existing pages. There is no way to make general changes (change field types, field names, relationships, etc.) in DB and keep your changes in the UI.

I think that radzen need better support for object generation process, the tracking the changes including DB & UI is crucial for an RAD.
Please consider in your roadmap.

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Hi @enchev,

database maintenance never ends, there is always something new or some improvement where we will need to create something in the database, it could be just like lightswitch in this case where you update your data source and lose nothing that was done on the screens of the system.

When I want to update the system screen, I open the screen file and select the field I want to add to it, this field was generated in the data model and it is available for me to select it, since the screen in question has the object reference I'm working on.

To better understand what I am talking about, just create some projects in lightswitch that is easy to understand the concept, I have never seen anything more productive than this tool, pity it was discontinued.

I hope to migrate my projects to Radzen when he is more mature.

@marden have you tried the same in Radzen? It works in the same way unless you choose to overwrite the existing pages when inferring the database.

"It works in the same way unless you choose to overwrite the existing pages"
Great, I want to invest in this new BLAZOR technology, could you tell me where to start with Radzen for blazor applications?

Starting from scratch


I tried these options, but it happened that while I did not overwrite the pages, the layer of services associated with those entities was removed, as was nothing.

Here the extra work is that I have to keep a list of objects to ignore in the regeneration, but it's not always a file.

I believe that better support should be considered in the maintenance of the generated objects, including the documentation of the code generation phase for a good understanding.

If Radzen is an alternative to the abandoned light switch, it should provide clear support for regeneration and maintenance of applications with the IDE.

Thank you.

Radzen will remove the references of the data source from pages only if the data source is deleted. If you just reinfer your data source the application pages will stay untouched.

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