Refreshing Dropdown data


I'm having trouble creating an item and refreshing the binded dropdown that contains the list of these items. The item can't be seen in the list after creation, but it can be found when filtering. Also the dropdown Value is correctly set, as it loads the id of the created item.

This is the Add button Click event
This is the Dropdown where the Documentos are

This is the page Load function

As far as I can see the DropDown is bound to siDocuments populated on Page Load and you execute Load after add. Everything looks correct. Can you refresh the page completely from the browser and check if the item is visible?

Yes, if I refresh the page the item becomes visible. I'm pretty sure everything is setup correctly... the only catch is that both forms are dialogs. Novo Vínculo de Documento is a dialog from another dialog, and Novo Documento is a dialog from Novo Vínculo de Documento.
I rearranged them so that Novo Vínculo de Documento is a page and Novo Documento is a dialog, and it worked. Maybe there's a bug there, I don't know. Right now, nested dialogs seem to not work properly.

Invoking StateHasChanged() might help

I added await InvokeAsync(() => { StateHasChanged(); }); and the problem persists.

I'll try to replicate the problem locally to see what's going on

I've added Add Order button to open Add Order as dialog in already opened Add Order Detail with await Load() as Then:

and everything worked as expected:

In your third image, you're seeing the item while filtering. I can do that.
What I cannot do is select the item without filtering, because it does not appear in the list originally.
It shows up only when filtering.

The new item is in the list as expected: