Refresh Datasource -.Net Core project - Models/Controllers deleted

After updating my database, I went to update my datasource in radzen.
I have .net core indicated on my app settings.
So i do infer schema again, (have to re-indicate that i want my crud screens and another than the default 10 records/page), and press finish.
The .net core project is not updated. Even worse, the data model and controllers are deleted and not recreated. Only my Controller.Custom.cs files remain.
Is this a bug in the tool?

I did change the generated project settings for assembly name and default namespace, don’t know if that’s of any importance during regeneration?


Radzen should generate all the required code when you run the application again. It clears controllers intentionally in order not to leave out stale controllers and models (in case you remove a table from the data source).

Custom code should remain e.g. Controller.Custom.cs.

Thanks for the quick response. I think I just “forgot” to run again.
The fact that things got deleted without running but not re-added threw me off.