Redo scaffolding of dotnet code

I have started from a legacy db of an old application that I need to rewrite with Radzen.
I generated all crud (server side and client side) from db.
I have started editing the cruds and now I have discovered that in the most important table of db there is a wrong key. I mean the primary key should be "id" but in the db there is a primary key "id, another field".
I am absolutely sure that primary key is only id. My problem is that I need to regenerate code.
How should I do it without destroying my actual work? (modified only client part)

Hi @mgiammarco,

You can updated the data source after you've modified the primary key in your database and you can manually update all pages related to this table with the modified primary key. Other option is to delete these pages and regenerate them during data source update/infer. Be careful and do not delete the data source since this will clear all data source invokes from all pages.

Best Regards,