Read column filter in code

Hey there,
I wonder if there is a possibilty to access manually entered filters in code?
I have a timer which refreshs a datagrid, but if there are any filters set I don´t want to refresh the grid.
What I´ve tried so far is to use "FilterValue" of the RadzenDataGridColumn, using a reference to the RadzenDataGrid and read "FilterText" property (which is not the filter, just the displayed text).

Thanks for any help,


Hi @dedueand ,

You can use Filters property of LoadData event argument:

That was a quick reply :slight_smile: thanks!
As far as I understand the LoadData-event only appears after data is loaded into the grid.
But I want to prevent the refresh if any filters have been entered (and are still acitve) since the last refresh.

I did it - your solution works for me!
Thank you