RBS ApplicationUser as a Customer

Hello Team Radzen,

We are planning to user RBS for our new E-Commerce application. I have experimented with the basic stuff of getting to know RBS and Radzen components. We are building a POC and we were particularly interested in knowing about the following in it:

Given that an ecommerce application will have a Customer entity to capture various stuff like orders, loyalty points and so on, what is the best way to model that in our system, especially when using Identity framework. We understand that Radzen uses ASP.NET Identity framework and we want to go with it as well.

But then, do we have our Customer entity simply extend the ApplicationUser entity? (Given that common fields like FirstName and LastName will be stored there, after tweaking the model ofcourse)

Or do we create it as a standalone one, with a one-to-one relationship to ApplicationUser. We understand that this could be a design concern not specific to Radzen, but then we need to utilize the event or method hooks, the service code and other stuff provided by Radzen generated code, so we wanted to be sure that we follow the best practices without re-inventing the wheel!. Do you have any such demo ecommerce application? What are your recommendations for the same?

Needless to mention that there would be other types of users of the system, like managers, admins, data-entry team, backend team and so on whom we would just model making use of the Application user role... it's only a Customer entity that needs a clear cut existence since it forms a central figure of the system, used in several reports, dashboards and processing.