Razor component preview may not display

When I opened a .NET8-based Blazor Web Application created with Visual Studio 2022 ver17.9 in Radzen Blazor Studio, the following problem occurred.

  • Some razor pages are determined to be "binary" and the editor does not open.
  • Preview is not displayed(whiteout, not error) for razor components that exist in a project different from the project where the entry point is located.
    (Project references are correct and there are no build errors)

Radzen Blazor Studio is ver1.24.3.
I have been using the trial version for more than 15 days and have not purchased a license yet.

I would like to confirm the following points.
・What are the conditions for determining "binary"?
・What are some patterns in which Preview is not displayed?
・Is it correct that "the cause may be that the entry point project is in a different project"?

I hope I can borrow your wisdom.

Hi @RG_4213,

We are not sure why those issues could happen and we need to reproduce them locally. If you have a subscription you can send us your application to info@radzen.com.

Hi @korchev,

Thank you for visiting. I don't know the cause yet, but I may have discovered a pattern in which this problem occurs.
A project created as a Razor class library on Visual Studio (project B),
in other words, it seems that "Razor components whose entry points do not exist within the same project" cannot be previewed on Radzen Blazor Studio.
Even if I add a project reference from my main Blazor Web App project (project A) to project B, components in project B appeared to be rendered as empty components in project A's preview.

As a supplement, I opened the .sln of project A in Visual Studio 2022, added project B, and verified it.

In the paid version, is it possible to preview the components of Project B even in a solution with this configuration?
Also, does Radzen Blazor Studio have the ability to add another project (for example, a Razor class library) to the created solution?

Thank you.