RadzenSSRSViewer and wait time indicator

Hi! I have a page set up that uses the RadzenSSRSViewer control. Occasionally, there is a delay when the reportviewer loads a report. Is it possible to use a progress bar or some notification for users that reads "please wait" until the report appears? Otherwise the users see a blank page for up to a minute. As reports connect to different database servers, some wait time is inevitable.

I tried using a Label, with boolean for the "Visible" parameter - the label would appear when the page loads starts and the label would disappear when the page load completes. This didn't do anything as the reportviewer control is loading asynchronously to the actual page itself. :frowning:


It's not possible at the moment however I've added Load event that can be used for such cases:

It will be available in our next update early next week.

Thanks much! I'll take a peek at that code, and also download the update next week!