RadzenSlider Min / Max limits not reacheable

Hi there! I have a Slider:

<RadzenSlider TValue="double" Style="width: 70%; margin-top: 12px" Min="150.0" Max="500.0" Step="0.5" Value="340.0" Placeholder="Specify ventilation grill height" Change=@(args => OnValueChanged(args, PropertyWeb.Property.ConstraintTypeId)) />

However, I cannot move the slider to it's minimum or it's maximum value. Folowing picture shows initial rendering, sliding to max, and sliding to min.


Reachable values differ. sometimes its close (0.5 away), sometimes the difference is up to 6.

Any idea what's going wrong?

Thanks - Martin

Hi @refactorer,

Are you using an up-to-date version? I am asking because we have fixed an issue which sounds similar. Right now I can't reproduce such behavior with the provided configuration.

Hi @korchev
You have a slider from 0 to 100 and if you move the slider to top right, your log shows values between 476 and 498 env. I think this is the problem.

Best, Martin

The slider in my demo was configured exactly as yours (max is 500 which is visible as the last value). The text saying 0 to 100 is from the demo and I didn't bother to update it.

@korchev Aha, ok, then I have an other idea, because I'm dealing with an other issue. If I have TValue of int, a Min of 110, a Max of 650, a default of 380, and an interval of 45. When I move the slider to the left, I get a new value of 360, but I expect to get 335. This is because 335, and 380 are interval steps based by the Min value of 110. Instead the control bases the interval to 0. Probably it's the same issue? Or shall I open a new case for the new issue? Tnx.