RadzenPanelMenuItem Expanded

Is it possible to add the Expanded property to RadzenPanelMenuItem ? This will help in Layout-> PanelMenu AutoExpand on initial load. If I try from code behind like this it works

RadzenPanelMenuItem Text="Menu" Expanded="true">

But this gets overwritten as soon as the designer is compiled.

Or is there a way this can be achieved without using Expanded?

You can use Radzen's code generation ignore list to prevent that.

Thank you so much for your response. But wouldn't that mean if any future changes on that page will not be included? Also Radzen documentation said it's not the recommended way.

Is there any other way this could be done? Sorry for the questions but would like to know all my options before deciding whether to go the ignore list way or not.

We will add the Expanded property to the Navigation item editor dialog with the next Radzen release.

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That's awesome. Thank you so much. Is there any estimated date for the next release?

Just saw the current release has included the Expanded property to the Navigation item editor dialog. Thank you so much.