RadzenPanelMenu Multiple Paths

is there a way to set multiple paths for the radzenpanelmenuitem component?
Something like: (I know this example is not working)
RadzenPanelMenuItem Text="Errors" Path="Errors/Cars" Path="Errors/bike"

Thank you for your help!

Hi @cherryman,

No this isn't supported. What should multiple paths do? A link can only navigate to one URL.

The panel links to a side which got 2 paths - So the active CSS of the pannel is only working on one route

I am afraid this isn't a supported case. How would you implement that with the builtin NavLink component?

A page can have multiple routes. We're in the process of migrating an old system to Blazor. Older customer emails link to another route which we'll need to support.
The only option I can think of is rerouting at the moment.