RadzenNumeric element does not allow certain numbers to be entered when min and max are set

I have a RadzenNumeric component defined as such:

<RadzenNumeric TValue="decimal" Min="200" Max="20000" @bind-Value="Amount" Format="0.00"/>

The problem is whenever I try to enter a number close to the limits, I'm unable to do so.


Trying to enter 201:
When I first click 2, the target value is reset to 200 and it won't allow me to hit backspace here. Any number I try to enter is appended to the min value of 200.

Trying to enter 500
On clicking 5, the value resets to 200 and then on clicking 0 it continues after 200; so typing in 500 actually becomes 20000

Trying to enter 19999
On clicking 1, the value resets to 200 and then on typing the 9s, it appends after 200 which eventually exceeds max value of 20000 and resets to 20000.

Radzen.Blazor Version: 3.19.12

Thanks for the feedback! We will do our best to improve this in our next update before the end of this week!