RadzenListBox Enhancement Request

Is there any possibility of including an enhancement for the RadzenListBox where it can be configured with an option which forces the user to have to click directly on the checkbox to check/uncheck it instead of merely selecting the item? Automatically checking/unchecking based on an item selection is not always desirable, and can be rather annoying. Thank you for the consideration.

See the 'ListBox with multiple selection' item in the example. Isn't that what you're suggesting?


No, not at all. The RadzenListBox needs to have a configurable option where:

  1. The user can select an item and the item will automatically check/uncheck. This is the current mode how it operates.
  2. The user can independently select and check/uncheck an item, not just by selecting it as in 1 above,

Hi @radzenkenn,

We don't plan to introduce such an option as we find it very confusing from user experience point of view.

Before you dismiss it as confusing, consider this use case:

On the left pane, I have a checklist. On the right, I have a pane showing the clicked on item's properties.

So when I click on an item, I would like to see that item's properties. And based on its properties, I then decide whether to check that item or not to perform a later task (like creating a report for all checked items). This is part of a decision making process to determine whether an item needs to be checked or not. What is confusing for this use case is when the item is clicked, the checkbox is automatically checked/unchecked whether the user wants to or not.