RadzenHeader Layout Issues?

Bit of a strange one here. I have the following Header

    <RadzenHeader class="rz-background-color-primary-darker">
        <RadzenStack Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal" AlignItems="AlignItems.Center" Gap="5">
            <SectionOutlet SectionId="@Sections.HeaderBeginning"/>
            <RadzenIcon Icon="fingerprint"/>
            <RadzenButton Variant="Variant.Text" Text="Content" ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Light" Click=@(args => NavigationManager.NavigateTo("/content"))/>
            <RadzenButton Variant="Variant.Text" Text="Settings" ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Light" Click=@(args => NavigationManager.NavigateTo("/settings"))/>

Where I use a SectionOutlet to decide which pages to show a RadzenSidebarToggle button or not.

The pages where the Toggle is added. The Layout is correct, aligned center as below


However, when I don't add the button the layout aligns to the top?


Any ideas why this would happen? When the only thing that's changed is the RadzenSidebarToggle missing?

I think its because the toggle button with class "rz-sidebar-toggle", has a padding property setted that increase the RadzenStack height.

Try to set "height: 100%;" to the style of the RadzenStack

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Awesome. Thank you, that fixed it :pray::raised_hands: