RadZenGrid LoadData

                <RadzenGrid AllowPaging="true" PageSize="10" AllowSorting="true"
                            RowSelect="@Seleccionar" RowDoubleClick="@EditarOP"
                            EmptyText="No hay registros para mostrar"
                            Count="@NumRecords" Data="@ListaOrdenes" LoadData="@Grid0LoadData">
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="OrdenesProduccion" Property="Lote" Title="Lote" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="OrdenesProduccion" Property="IdProductoNavigation.Nombre" Title="Producto" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="OrdenesProduccion" Property="Cantidad" Title="Cantidad" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="OrdenesProduccion" Property="FechaInicio" Title="F. Inicio" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="OrdenesProduccion" Property="FechaFin" Title="F. Fin" />

This grid has worked until version 0.0.30 of Blazor Components. Since this version including 0.0.35 gives us the following error:

The current thread is not associated with the renderer's synchronization context. Use Invoke() or InvokeAsync() to switch execution to the renderer's synchronization context when triggering rendering or modifying any state accessed during rendering

If we do not use LoadData and load all the records in the initialization it works fine. But we saw that the LoadData function is used to paginate the queries to the database. Which we consider very convenient.

Hi @esanchis,

Using latest Radzen.Blazor and .NET Core 3.0 Preview 6 you can simply assign IQueryable to Data property of the grid and you will have paging, sorting and filtering out-of-the-box. Check our demos for more info: https://blazor.radzen.com/datagrid

Thank you very much for the help