RadzenGrid Component (client side): Sorting/Filtering throwing error

I have added the RadzenGrid component to a client side blazor application. I am getting data from the server via REST API using HttpClient.GetJsonAsync<IEnumerable("/api/controller"); and then storing that into an IEnumerable variable.

I am then assigning that variable to the Data property of the RazdenGrid.

The data is pulling into the grid and appears to work but when you click on the column to sort, nothing happens. a flashing icon appears beside the column name that alternates between an ! and a ? but the data never sorts or filters.

I also am getting the following error on the client console.

Is this functionality currently supported? or does the RazdenGrid have to be to the data via the DbContext? Or am i missing something?

Thank you for the help!!

In-memory sorting and filtering is supported. What type is specified for TItem?

TItem is currently set to a public class called Asset.

Can you share this class definition to try to replicate the exception locally? RadzenGrid definition can help us also.

I appreciate the help!!

Here is my Asset class

And here is what i have setup for my AssetGrid.razor component

Hi @defiantt,

There is an issue with Blazor IL Linker and IQueryable, please add


to your project if you do not have it.

Hey @enchev I have this in my client.csproj file, do i need to add it to my other projects as apart of the solution? server.csproj and shared.csproj?

You don’t need it for other projects since this is related to client-side Blazor only. What type is your setup? Server-blazor, client-blazor or hosted?

I am using Hosted. Client, Server, and Shared projects in the solution

Tried both Client and Hosted project types with latest Preview 7 (with <BlazorLinkOnBuild>false</BlazorLinkOnBuild>) and everything worked normally on my end using sample WeatherForecast service from the template

Are you using latest ASP.NET Core 3.0 Preview 7?