RadzenDropDownDataGrid data binding to DataTable

I am trying to bind a drop down data grid to a source that could have a different number of columns depending on fields returned by a dynamically generated SQL query.

I have tried using a DataTable.AsEnumerable() which is preferred but each of the columns display "System.Data.DataRow" in each cell instead of actual values.

I have also tried ExpandoObject, and a custom object that extends DynamicObject.

What would be the best way to handle this?


The same approach can be used with DropDownDataGrid as well:

The DropDownDataGridColumn does not seem to have a TItem tag. Does that matter?

I am binding the DropDownDataGrid to a List<Dictionary<string,object>> and looping through the keys of the first object in the collection to create the columns but am still getting what appears to be the dictionary object .ToString() instead of the "Issue" and "Group1" values: