RadzenDropDown filter problem on load data async

The RadzenDropDown filter is always the previous one.
Example: If I filter by "gui" then by "guilherme" the dropdown will bring results for "gui" which was the previous filter.

<RadzenDropDown AllowClear="true" TValue="string" AllowVirtualization="true"
	LoadData="@LoadDataAsync" AllowFiltering="true" Count="@this.totalRecords"
	Data=@this.users TextProperty="@nameof(UserDto.Email)" ValueProperty="@nameof(UserDto.Id)" />

private async Task LoadDataAsync(LoadDataArgs args)
    LoadResult result = this.httpClient.GetFromJsonAsync<LoadResult>($"localhost:5001/SearchUser?filter={args.Filter}&top={args.Top}&skip={args.Skip}");
    this.totalRecords = result.Total;
    this.users = result.users;
    await this.InvokeAsync(this.StateHasChanged);

the list this.users has the correct records, it's just the RadzenDropDown which is not updated.

Hi @GuilhermeMolin,

Indeed it seems the problem is related to virtualization. We will investigate what is causing it. You can temporarily disable it.