RadzenDataGrid unable to bind to List

I am not able to bind a simple list to RadzenDataGrid. I am using the fetch data for Blazor webassembly.

<RadzenDataGrid AllowFiltering="true" AllowColumnResize="true" FilterMode="FilterMode.Advanced" PageSize="5" AllowPaging="true" AllowSorting="true"
                Data="@forecasts" TItem="WeatherForecast"
    <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="WeatherForecast" Property="Date" Title="First Name" />
    <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="WeatherForecast" Property="TemperatureC" Title="Last Name" Width="150px" />
    <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="WeatherForecast" Property="TemperatureF" Title="Title" />

Edit: Looks like I needed to use the Load method of grid. I built another same app where i used the load method and it seems to be working

Not sure what is Load method however RadzenDataGrid from latest Radzen.Blazor worked for me normally: