RadzenDataGrid Row Issue after 4.25.8

This is a very specific scenario, so unfortunately I cannot modify your source code to provide an example.

Within a DataGrid, each Row has an element with an @onclick event that when clicked, hides the elements and instead shows a RadzenProgressBar for a predetermined amount of time.

Previously, it worked fine to click other elements during the "countdown" timer of the ProgressBar.
After version 4.25.8 this no longer works, and I now have to wait for the ProgressBar/timer to finish before doing anything else on the page.

I have it narrowed down to one specific line of code:

Here are my two scenarios.

Before 4.25.8:

After 4.25.8:

Hopefully this is enough to troubleshoot, let me know if I can provide anything else.


Unfortunately I’m not sure how setting Blazor component key can cause such issue. For sure this change was a must.