RadzenDataGrid performance issues

Hello Radzen Team!

When loading the RadzenDataGrid with millions of items, containing only an id(int) and a name(varchar(100)), it takes aproximately 10s to render them. The DB query takes 0.5s.
Filtering and paginating work like a charm, in an acceptable time.
I've seen some requests for virtualization in the RadzenDropDown control, so if it ever comes to the Team's roadmap, I'd request that the same should be done to the grid.

Hi @kim,

UI virtualization is usually associated with scrolling and reusing of the same UI component for different data item. This is not data virtualization. Unlike the DropDown where all items are loaded initially, DataGrid and DropDownDataGrid components are using paging which is similar to data virtualization and only displayed items are requested. At the moment we do not plan anything related to data virtualization for both DropDown and DataGrid.

Hello Everyone. I'm working with a hierarchical structure. I need to use a RadzenDataGrid to display information for each node as columns in my project.
But unfortunately, with a large number of nodes, the program begins to slow down greatly, even to the point of crashing.

I created a test project to demonstrate this problem:

All functionality is contained in the Index.razor:

  1. When you press the "EXPAND ALL ROWS" button, a lot of time passes before it works.
  2. Moving through the expanded list and expanding and collapsing random nodes in the tree, the program also freezes.
  3. Filtering similarly works terribly slowly, despite the number of nodes is about 25000 (unlike topicstarter, which has 1 million of them).

I tried enabling AllowVirtualization="true", but it didn't help.

Is there a way to improve the performance of this hierarchical structure in the RadzenDataGrid?

I see that you have height set to 100%, try to set it in pixels or you can use paging.

Fixed RadzenDataGrid height has no effect.

Also, splitting the tree into fragments is unacceptable for me, since my project will use group selection of nodes and Drag&Drop.
In addition, this will cause huge inconvenience for the user. Because when the parent node is hidden and in order to see it, user need to turn the previous page instead of moving the mouse wheel. So I can't use paging.

Maybe there is another way to increase performance?

I'm afraid that I don't have other ideas. Rendering huge HTML at once will always cause performance problems.