RadzenDataGrid maintaining filter state

How to maintain the filter values even after grid.Reload().Is it possible to maintain the filter state .
The scenario is that use that after the user searches the praticular row using filter and then edits and saves it ,at this point grid.Reload() is used to reflect the edited changes but then user has to filter again to check these changes .As there are multiple columns and multiple filter values to fetch a row,it is difficult each time we edit something to set the filter values.Anyhelp or suggestion is much appreciated .Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Mounika_Reddy ,

The Reload method should not lose the filter state. Probably something else does cause that.

Hi @korchev
I have used the advanced filter mode option and actually the gris.reload() didnt refresh the grid data so i have called the Load() method twice where i actually initialize the grid data and it worked fine .That could probably have caused the issue.But i am not sure why reload() didnot work