RadzenDataGrid "Is Null"

Good morning,
I have been testing radzen now since several weeks.
The grid is working really good - thank you for that hard work!
But today I don't know if I missunderstood the advanced filter "is null" wrong but it is not working as expected. I understood the "is null" filter as show me the columns where nothing is in it.
But in my case it is different:
If I click the first time the "Is null" filter all columns are away and the grid is showing me the empty template.
But I found a "workaround":

  • Press first time the "Is Null" filter => Empty grid

  • Open the filter and write random words in it and execute the filter => Empty grid

  • Open again the filter remove the words and filter again => now it is filtering the null columns

Should it behave like that or is this straight a bug?

Kind regards

Hi @Felix99,

Can you reproduce the same on some of our filtering demos?

Hello @enchev,
thank you for your response.
I found on your website one example which acts exactly the same as my grid.

In this grid there are null values in the Costumer Attribute (GitHub)

  • Sorted them after the Custormer

  • Next I filter them after "Is Null"

Do you got the same behavior on your side?

Hey @cherryman,

You have two forum accounts? I will review your post and will provide more info when available.

Yeah I just logged in from my GitHub account from another computer - Is this a problem?

Yes, we do not tolerate users with multiple forum accounts. Please use only one of your accounts.

Sry I didn't know that!
I will use only one account and delete the other one.

The issue was fixed and the fix will be part of our update later today:

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Thank you @enchev
You are my hero!