RadzenDataGrid expand broken on dynamically loaded data

I have a simple DataGrid showing the events in the database. Each event can have games. The number of games should indicate, whether the row should be expandable or not as the hierarchy-template will show a RadzenScheduler with the games.

Problem is, that the RowRender-callback seems only be invoked on initial data-set but not on updated elements when paging, sorting or filtering happens.

Seems to be broken as well on the demo-page https://blazor.radzen.com/master-detail-hierarchy-demand. From the code it should be expandable when Data.ShipCountry == "France" || Data.ShipCountry == "Brazil" which works fine on the first page. On page 3 the first ShipCountry is Switzerland and it should therefore not be expandable.

Currently I don't see any workaraound as it is also impossible for me to read the whole data-table beforehand to check, whether row can be expanded or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @kuebelkasten,

Thanks for the report - it will be fixed in our next update later this week.