RadzenDataGrid does not update on Data collection change


I am trying to develop an application that allows to drag & drop rows between two data grids.
Therefore I am going with a CascadingParameter as shown in this Blog Post: Investigating Drag and Drop with Blazor (chrissainty.com).

When directly attaching the Input Parameter with the List oder TItem to the datagrid, the contents get shown on the grid, but whenever I edit the list (e.g. dragging from one grid to another) both grids does not get updated.
I then moved to the LoadData event and using the Event Callback to attach the Items to the Datagrid. With that solution no elements are shown in the grid at all. I am very sure there is only something stupid wrong, But I am unable to find that one.

protected async Task LoadData(Radzen.LoadDataArgs args)
        if (Data != null) // Data which is bound through [Parameter]
            InternalData = Data; // InternalData is Data Input of RadzenGrid

            await InvokeAsync(StateHasChanged);

Grid is defined as this one:

<RadzenGrid @ref="grid" TItem="ProjectDeliveryItem" Data="@InternalData" LoadData="@LoadData" Responsive="false">

Hi @Papst,

When using LoadData event you need to set Count for the DataGrid. Check this demo for more info:

That was an easy one.. thanks. Just missed that one in the sample.
Works like a charm :slight_smile: