RadzenChart drag values

I have used the RadzenChart component (line graph) successfully in dynamically showing changes in values in a grid on the same page. Now the users are asking for the ability to drag the points in the graph to change the values as a complement to changing the values in the grid.

Is there such a capability available that I missed?

If no, is something planned?

Hi @andersn ,

There is no such feature at the moment - the data points of the RadzenChart are not interactive. We don't plan to add support for drag and drop in the foreseeable future. Perhaps you can introduce other means for your users to update the chart data and then refresh the RadzenChart - sliders, numeric inputs etc.

Hello @korchev,

Thanks for the quick response. The requirement from the users are most definitely in the "nice to have" bucket. I promised to check the possibilities. Hereby done :wink: