RadzenChart Daily data


I'm trying to adapt the RadzenChart demo so that instead of displaying data for a year, it shows data for a month, with each DataItem corresponding to a Day, instead of a Month.

The chart doesn't seem to know what to make of it. I can't see how you configure the chart so that it knows what the data means. It just seems to magically work with OrderDateTime = "2019-01-01", then OrderDateTime = "2019-02-01", etc.

But when I switch to days OrderDateTime = "2019-01-01", OrderDateTime = "2019-01-02", it gets confused.

Hope you can help, Thanks.

Hi @Harry,

I can't make much of your post as it is. What is OrderDateTime? What is "magically works"? What is "gets confused"? Please check our FAQ for tips how to improve your post so people have a chance to answer it.

Hi Atanas,

I apologise, it was late and I could have been clearer. I've managed to work out the issue. I was just changing the data on the chart example from Months to Days and couldn't get it to work. Eventually I realised the FormatAsMonth function was doing the magic, so just had to change that to a FormatAsDay function instead and it's working now.

Thanks for your quick response and everything you're doing for the community.

Best, Harry.