RadzenAccordionItem doesn't include a Template?

So in my job we're doing an app where we use a RadzenAccordion in order to represent the months of a year with their respective weeks. So far so good, but we're encountering that RadzenAccordionItem components don't have a Template attribute nor they're able to hold a RadzenTemplate tag inside them.

Is this intended, are there any workarounds to achieve the same result?

Our problem is that we need to be able to separate whatever is placed on the Text attribute of the RadzenAccordionItem, we would easily do this via CSS and two span tags with a float left - right, inside a Template but since that doesn't seem to be supported we don't really know how to go on.

We're pretty new to Radzen too so sorry about that if it has an easy fix, thanks!

Not sure what is RadzenTemplate however you can submit a pull request with Template implementation for RadzenAccordion - if it doesn't break anything we will accept it!

Sorry I misspelled I meant Template not RadzenTemplate. Sadly I'm a beginner programmer so I've no idea how to implement Template in RadzenAccordion so I suppose there is no other workaround to my problem right now then?