Radzen, Visual Studio and Github

Hello Radzen team,
when pushing to Github an error oocurs that the file “…\RadZen\RecEnt\.vs\application\v15\Server\sqlite3\db.lock” is locked.
This file (and the whole “.vs” folder) is only necessary for the Visual Studio IDE so far as i know.

Can you please add “.vs” to the .gitignore file Radzen creates?
I’ve done this manually and the push works fine.

Kind Regards

Hi Thomas,

We will! Thanks!

Best Regards,

Another problem with Radzen and Git…

I have 2 developer machines. I created a repository on Github. On one machine i pushed Recent (Name of my app) into the rep.
First question? Is it right that the “.env” is in .gitignore? i changed the .gitignore to this:

Ok. On the other machine i cloned the recent rep. After starting Radzen the database connection properties are missing. and strange errors pops up.

Please see Video.

I searched for a solution to this but dont know what to do to to get rid of this,

Kind regards

By the way…
in the .env file the database password is not encrypted.

Yes, the .env file isn’t supposed to go to github because it contains connections strings and passwords. We do not encrypt it at the moment in order to reduce complexity. If the .env doesn’t end up in github it won’t expose any sensitive data.

Yes. I thought so also.
But why does the database properties are empty when pulling the App form Github?
I thought this has something todo with the .env file…


Yes, the .env file stores the DB connection string details. We will make sure Radzen detects when those are empty and lets the developer know.

You have any ideas how i can solve the problem shown in the video?
they are coming up although my .env file is there.
At the moment i cant do anything with this app in Radzen.


Does setting the connection string info again work after closing the error message?

If this doesn’t help please send us the meta directory and the .env file so we can troubleshoot. This issue may be unrelated to the .env file.

Hi Atanas,
I tried this. s. Video

I sent the meta folder per Mail.


Hi Thomas,

Please send us the .env file just in case. We tested without .env but couldn’t reproduce this exception.


Hi Atanas,
on the way… :slight_smile: