Radzen Tabs not initializing all Radzen item child component and not rendering on first click

I have a Blazor server razor view using Radzen tabs which has 3 tabs. Each tab is having child razor component (Job,Queue,DB) like below. I see 2 issues, which needs help.

  1. At Index.razor.cs, only first child is getting initialized on load and even on any tab click. So rest 2 child are null value. Not getting initialized and so not able to access child methods like Load, refresh.

  2. Main issue, when i switch from 1st tab to 2nd tab and switch back to 1st tab, child data is not getting displayed on first click eventhough service call returns data & statehaschanged is being called. On second click of same 1st tab, data is being shown by making another service call. so i have to click tab twice to show the data in child. each child calls statehaschanged after service calls.


		<RadzenTabs Change=@OnTabChange style="height: 530px;width:100%">
                <RadzenTabsItem Text="Jobs">
                    <Job @ref="JobView"> </Job>
                <RadzenTabsItem Text="Queues" >
                    <Queue @ref="QueueView"></Queue>
                <RadzenTabsItem Text="DB Locks BLocking Locks" >
                    <DB @ref="@DBView"></DB>

Index.razor.cs - here calling the child comp load based on tab index
switch (_tabIndex)
case 0:
await JobView.LoadJobs(_name);
case 1:

Job.razor.cs - here loading the child comp based on tab index
public async Task LoadJob(string name)
JobListList = await _service.GetJobs(name);
await InvokeAsync(() =>


Only the active tab is initialized and rendered. If you want you can load everything initially similar to our demo:

ok. Thanks for quick response. But even when i click 2nd tab, the 2nd child component is null in index.razor.cs while debugging. I can rewrite the code by Not using the child component approach and load all 3 tabs with data at Index.razor itself directly, same like demo code. but wondering why Radzen Tab is not supporting this, atleast on 2nd tab click, second child component has to get initialized.