Radzen Query Builder , Transaction Processing and Error Handling

I am learning radzen by migrating a complex form from our legacy application. Our requirement is to add multiple rows in multiple tables on submit.
I could successfully do this using the Invoke Custom Method. A few points which If I may suggest below :-

  1. Query Builder : This tool is useful for people not fluent in LINQ. Can it support multiple table join , advanced filter with group by etc.
  2. When we insert/delete rows from multiple tables using custom method can it support transaction processing with roll back on failure.
  3. Can runtime errors be displayed on pages itself as notification by default .i.e all error messages notified on pages itself if not handled

Vinod Pillai

Hey @Vinod_Pillai,

Multiple table joins are handled with $expand parameter separated with comma.

Since it's your custom method you can implement it in the way you want - transactional or not.

I guess you can catch global window.onerror and display the exception in the way you need.

Hey Thanks for the update
I am calling the custom method on save/submit button click event. First the basetable row is inserted by the submit button then my custom method is fired.
ex: table1 -> row inserted by save/submit button
table2,table3 -> rows inserted by custom method
if table1 or table2 or table3 insert fails all inserts should rollback.
Could you please elaborate how to handle transaction processing in such scenario.